Jogo dos setenta e sete erros

É sabido que os americanos são imbatíveis quando se trata de ganhar dinheiro. Não surpreende, então, que as maracutaias pseudocientíficas mais absurdas venham de lá também. Ainda assim, é preciso tirar o chapéu para a capacidade deles de redigir textos irracionais. Vejamos o seguinte exemplo (não traduzido, para não perder as muitas nuâncias imbecis...), composto de várias partes do site de John Ellis:

In the beginning, as the earth cooled down, clusters of water molecules gained Electrons and tremendous energy with every expansion-contraction... explaining Biblical ages! Patents and proprietary secrets show we have duplicated that process with properties so unique we can prove in court it’s our water! These properties can also be used to expose a scam!! Today, water LACKS ENERGY because there is very little expansion-contraction AND THAT’S WHY VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS PRODUCE NO RESULTS

Ordinary distilled is the worst because KEEPING WATER AT THE BOILING POINT FOR HOURS DRIVES OFF ELECTRONS NEEDED TO LIVE... it’s biologically dead, nothing will grow, fish die... it’s NOT “distilled like in nature” and yet people drink this water?? To get around the boiling problem, we boil for ONLY SECONDS (expand) and then cool about 80 degrees (contract), repeating several times a minute, GAINING ENERGY WHILE DUPLICATING NATURE’S PROCESS!!


The above picture is a close up view of one ice cube that grew up 2 1/2 inches out of the ice tray. This is proof that electrons are present


This is a MOMENTOUS BREAKTHROUGH because ELECTRONS KILL VIRUSES (ordinary water doesn't have enough ELECTRONS), returns wells to purity, and expanded molecules STAY THAT WAY. Energized water STORES INDEFINITELY (you CAN'T do that with ordinary water... look at the Expiration Dates). Today's water molecules are TOO SMALL...any lab that studies the properties of water can PROVE IT TO YOU! DON'T listen to all the scientific jargon about products!


Fifty years ago the hydrogen bond angle in water was 108° and you rarely heard of anyone with cancer. Today, it's only 104° and, as a result, cancer is an epidemic!! By using our machine you can increase the bond angle to 114° and, unlike any other water, doctors can see an immediate change in the red blood cells under a microscope! It's truly amazing!!


One out of every two people will get cancer and 90% of all men will develop a swollen prostate and suffer the possible consequences? How can we prove it’s God's way?? We break down the bonds in water in the same way the bonds of everything else in nature are broken down… by heating and cooling!! Heating and cooling breaks down the powerful hydrogen bonds in water and opens up The bond angle, that has been reduced to only 104.5°, To at least 114° using God-given proprietary secrets so it will pass Through a membrane and into the cells when ordinary water won't! The Nobel Prize was recently won proving it: "Now we can measure the ability of water to pass through a membrane and into the cells and nothing comes even close to your water!" Also, since we are engineers, not doctors, we use the medical charts of cancer patients to show it's the hand of God working His miracles: They can look at a blood sample under a microscope after drinking our water (your blood is 90% water)! In addition to some of the top scientists in the world that use our machines, we are supported by the many claims that were allowed, after peer review, in our world wide patents! Ordinary distilled is the worst water with a bond angle of only 10l° (it’s dead)! That's why it eventually causes problems! If a change isn't made, we will surely perish just as civilizations have disappeared before us! As in the past, the only people that God will allow to survive, so that mankind can survive, are those that have adhered to God's teachings and warned others of impending disaster.

Mas podemos olhar pelo bom lado. Um texto desses seria muito útil para simplificar o trabalho de montar uma prova de vestibular, por exemplo. Umas 3 ou 4 horas de prova seriam facilmente ocupadas com a seguinte questão única: "Comente todos os erros científicos desse texto"...


Anonymous Diogo Figueiredo said...

Estou pasmo. Isso deveria ser crime inafiançável.

4:19 PM  

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